Some Stats for Company 3

Stats for the year 2015

7,660 total calls

Top ten responders responded on 3,350 of these calls

1,408.5 hours of training

10,332.17 hours of standby

3-22 Rescue

Engine 31 and Ambulance 38 were dispatched for a vehicle collision in a 3-22 box. As units were responding, dispatch advised they were upgrading it to a rescue assignmet with reported 1 trapped. Units from Westminster arrived to find a vehicle well off the road on an embankment with 1 trapped. Units from Westminster and Reese worked quickly to stabilize the vehicle with “Res Q Jacks” and the winch off of Rescue Squad 9. After making sure the vehicle was stabilized, units were able to complete the extrication.

Units on Scene: Engine 31, Medic 38, Medic 99 (Reese), Duty 3, Chief 3, Captain 3, Rescue Squad 9 (Reese)



Basement Fire


Company 3 units assisted Pleasant Valley Fire Department on a house fire. Units arrived finding smoke showing from the basement of the house. Crews made entry and knocked down the fire which was contained to two rooms.




Triple Flyout

Engine 33 and medic 37 were dispatched to the area of Route 140 and Cranberry Road for a vehicle collision involving a motorcycle. While Enroute, a second medic unit was added due to numerous calls advising 2 patients. Units arrived finding a motorcycle that had struck a pedestrian with all 3 patients suffering from serious injuries. Command requested a 3rd transport unit and Engine 92 (Reese) to set up a landing site. A total of 2 helicopters were requested to fly all 3 patients to Maryland Shock Trauma.

image image


Tower Assists on 8 House

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Vehicle into a House

Engine 31 and Medic 38 were dispatched for a vehicle collision involving a truck into a house on Main Street. Duty 3 was first arriving to find a pick up truck that had run into a house. Medic 38 transported one from the vehicle while Medic 99 transported a second patient that was in the house during the initial collision.


12346444_939836442718997_6228839131279725933_npictures from Carroll Fire Wire

1 Trapped one Rt. 140

Company 3 handled a serious accident one Rt. 140 near Rt. 31. Engine 31 and Medic 38 were dispatched to the area for a vehicle collision with reported entrapment. Units arrived to find one patient trapped and requested and additional 3 ALS transport units as well as aviation for one patient. Units stabilized the vehicle and began extrication. Squad 6 arrived and assisted with the final parts of extrication. Engine 63 handled the landing site for the trooper at the air port.


Extended Extrication on Rt 32

Engine 31 and ambulance 37 were dispatched for a 2 vehicle collision on Rt. 32. Units arrived finding 2 cars with one patient heavily trapped. Units requested the Rescue Squad and began extrication efforts. Extrication took approximately 40 minutes.

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Parade Detail

Here are some pictures of Tower 3 participating in the recent parade!  [Read more…]

Multiple Company Training

Crews from Westminster met up with surrounding companies to train with a donated house. Crews were able to practice many techniques in firefighting and self rescue. Thank you to all who made this another well put on training. After the training concluded, units held a controlled burn on the house.