Bus Accident on Route 27

Engine 33, Medic 48 (Manchester), Medic 49 (Manchester), Medic 28 (Hampstead), Engine 91 (Reese), and Rescue Squad 9 (Reese) were dispatched to Rt. 27 and Old Manchester Road for a reported bus accident involving a loaded school bus. Engine 33 arrived and advised of one school bus off the road and Lt 3-5 (Price) setting up Rt. 27 command. After a quick triage of the students and others involved, the assignment was scaled back to Engine 33 and the two medics from Manchester.

During this incident, numerous other car accidents and medical calls were dispatched in Westminster’s first due. Thank you to the mutual aide companies that assisted in handling those calls!



Unusual Rescue for the Engine

Station 3 was alerted to assist the police with a dog trapped in a pool. Engine 33 arrived and found a puppy that had wondered in and fell into a swimming pool. The dog was in a small amount of water making him cold, scared, and was unable to get out of the pool on his own. Crew members quickly devised a plan to calm the dog allowing them to approach the dog and remove them from the pool. Even though this was an unusual call for the crew, they showed the dedication and commitment to the community that the members of Westminster Fire Department instills in all its members.

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Engine Assists on Rescue

On September 9th, 2015, Engine 31 was alerted to assist units in the area of Route 27 and Sullivan Road with a vehicle collision with one trapped. Engine 31 arrived and assisted with extrication efforts. (photo from Hampsteadvfd.org)



Head on Collision with Ejection

On 8-11-2015, Engine 31 and Medic 38 were dispatched for a vehicle collision in the area of Rt. 27 and Kate Wagner Road. Units arrived finding two vehicles head on with one patient partially ejected. Units began patient care and requested aviation for one patient. Engine 33 responded to handle the landing site but aviation was cancelled due to the weather and medics transported to a local trauma center.


3-13 Rescue

During the monthly meeting, units were dispatched to the intersection of Route 482 and Route 27 for a vehicle collision with one trapped. Engine 31 arrived and advised of one trapped. Chief 3-1 arrived and established the command. Engine 33 assisted on scene and then went to establish a landing zone. Engine 33 handled the LZ for both troopers. Engine 31 with the assistance of Rescue Squad 4 (Manchester) working on extricating the patient. The passenger side of the vehicle was removed along with the roof. The dash was then lifted allowing access to the patient. IMG_0084IMG_0088IMG_0085IMG_0093

State Police Medivac assists on a recent rescue


Following a recent rescue, MSP Trooper assisted with patient transport to Shock Trauma


Tractor Trailer Rollover

Rescue alarm 3-35 was dispatched for a tractor trailer rollover with entrapment in the area of Rt. 27 and Bond Street. Chief 3-1 (Starry) arrived on scene to find the same and established command. Medic 37 and Engine 31 arrived on location shortly after. After finding no entrapment, command placed the rescue squad in service and then requested hazmat units to assist in off loading fuel.

Westminster Volunteer Fire Department

Westminster Volunteer Fire Department