Training – House Burning provides life-like critical training for our firefighters

On Sunday May 30, we conducted a live training evolution on Tannery Road in Westminster.  Despite the cold temperatures and periodic rain, 50 firefighters and support personnel from 6 of our mutual aid companies participated in the training.  We were able to conduct 18 evolutions in 5 hours, giving the participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge. Several junior members participated in the training, while they were not allowed to enter the house, they were given an opportunity to work with the hose lines from the exterior. In the fire service, there are limited opportunities for live training, so we would like to thank the owners of the property for allowing us to utilize the house on the property. To allow all members and career staff to participate, Adam County Station 20 (Alpha) from Littlestown, covered our first due area, providing emergency services to the citizens of Westminster. This training would not have been possible without the support of instructors and a Safety Officer to ensure the safety of everyone who participated.  Training is a necessary part of the job and is ongoing to ensure that we provide exemplary service to the citizens of Westminster and our neighboring companies.