Westminster Fire Department Bingo

Doors and Kitchen open at 5:30 PM

Bingo begins at 7:00 PM

Player’s Pool Holdover: $404

Jackpot Amount: $800 (on 58 balls or less)

The first 75 players on December 16th will receive a free holiday gift!

No Bingo on December 23rd or December 30th, 2022

Dinner Menu

Beginning in January 2023, Kountry Kafe and Katering will no longer serve refreshments during Westminster Fire Department Bingo. We thank them for their commitment and assistance in this massive undertaking over the last year and a half. As a result, WFD bingo will no longer offer any refreshments during the game. Players are encouraged to bring all their food or beverages with them before arriving to play bingo. Thank you very much for your continued support!
  • 17 Regular Games: $50 payout each
  • 5 Special Games: $75 payout each
  • 1 Split the Pot (50% of Card Sales Go to the Winner)
  • Progressive Final Jackpot Game: up to $1,000 payout (consolation prize of $100)

Ways to Win Regular Games!

Diagonal, Vertical, Horizontal, Outside Corners, Inside Corners, Small Diamond, Postage Stamp

Card Prices:

3 Card: $10

6 Card: $14

9 Card: $18

12 Card: $22

Each Special Game is $1.00 each

Admission: $3.00 ($1.00 automatic players pool entrance-regular bingo only, progressive build-up)

Good Neighbor: When only 1 winner on regular bingo, players on each side of the winner get $2 each

Other games available including Pull Off games and 50/50 Raffles

House Rules

  • Last ball called must be your BINGO ball (not when shown on the camera)
  • Bingo on B3 for regular games pays an extra $25 (split between multiple winners)
  • Players Pool is won when ball is the last ball called for bingo
  • Only Players 18 and Over Can Collect Cash Payout
  • If Less Than 50 People in Attendance, Regular Bingo Prizes Drop to a $40 Payout
  • If the Snow Emergency Plan is in Effect, Bingo will be Cancelled
  • If there is a discrepancy on the bingo floor, the caller has the final say upon review


The General Membership and Executive Board of Directors of Westminster Fire Department humbly thank the following corporate sponsors who have made our weekly bingo offerings successful and enjoyable to our community! To see all of our sponsors, click here!

Kitchen refreshments and platters provided by Kounty Kafe & Catering of Westminster, MD

See below for the menu

Questions? Email bingo@westminstervfd.org or call 410-848-1800