Volunteer Membership

“Volunteering Today for Your Tomorrow”

Overview and Membership Application

Thank you for your consideration of applying to the Westminster Fire Department. The Membership Committee has organized the packet below to help familiarize you with some of the operations of the Department.

A $25.00 non-refundable application fee, a current copy of your motor vehicle driving record, and the completed/signed background investigation form are required for the application to be processed. A Criminal History (Background Check) will be performed on each candidate.

After completing all the necessary paperwork, please return this application packet to the Westminster Fire Department and place it in the Membership Mailbox.

If you have any questions, please call 410-848-1800, extension 370, or email our Recruitment and Retention Coordinator at wvfd3rr@westminstervfd.org.

Westminster Fire Department Volunteer Application PDF

General Membership Meetings

The General Membership Department meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM. Yearly dues of twelve dollars ($12.00) are to be paid to the Treasurer by the February Department meeting. For members who join the Department in March or after, dues are prorated to one dollar ($1.00) for each remaining month. Dues must be paid within thirty (30) days of membership acceptance.


LOSAP stands for Length of Service Awards Program. To be eligible, you must be a Maryland resident and obtain 50 points per year for 25 years. Points are obtained through attending meetings, training activities, fundraising events, committee participation, and responding to 911 calls. After 25 years of service, the LOSAP award program provides a monthly payment to any member who meets the requirements and is over the age of 60. In addition, after three (3) years of active service, members are eligible to receive a $6,500 tax deduction in tax year 2021 improving to $7,000 for the 2022 tax year.

For more information on LOSAP, click here!


The Department offers numerous committees. New members have the opportunity to join any committee; all that is required is active participation by the member.

Departmental Officers

Those Officers that are elected are voted on at the December meeting. Those appointed will be determined by the Chief of the department at the beginning of the year.

Board Members
Fire Officers
EMS Officers
  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • 2nd Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Chief
  • Member at Large
  • Member at Large
  • Chief
  • Assistant Chief
  • Deputy Chief
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant(s)
  • Sergeant(s)
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant(s)
  • Sergeant(s)

Probationary Status

You will be put on probationary status for a period of six (6) months from the time of acceptance into the department. After your six months of probation has passed, you must write a letter to the Board of Directors requesting to come before the Board to discuss your status. The Board of Directors will then decide if you should be taken off probation or continue for a length of time to be determined by the Board.