Eugene Bauerlien-LODD October 19, 1996

Westminster Fire Engine & Hose Company #1~Carroll County ~ Maryland

October 19, 1996 Firefighter/Fire Policeman Eugene Bauerlien had been on-duty all morning at the Westminster VFC cooking for the fire company’s pancake breakfast. At about 11 am, he took off his apron, donned his fire police attire, and headed up to the Western Maryland College campus, located on the west end of the City of Westminster, to assist with directing college homecoming traffic. Afterwards, FP Bauerlien returned to the Westminster VFC pancake breakfast to help with cleanup and suffered sudden cardiac arrest. Sadly, all resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful.

Firefighter/Fire Policeman Eugene Bauerlien was 72 years old and had served 22.5 years.

*All information has been provided by the Maryland Fire Rescue Services Memorial Foundation