The Family of Frank B. Dillard (March 4, 2023)

In early January 2023, the Westminster Fire Department was contacted by the family of a past fire department member. The family of Frank B. Dillard was interested in learning the department’s history when he served. They had several artifacts showing that he was active in his time. After some research, Historian Jeffrey Ausherman found much information for the family. Historian Ausherman forwarded this to the family, who were excited to see how active he was. 

Frank B. Dillard was elected to membership in January 1914 and served until August 1938. He served proudly as President from 1925-1926. He also held the titles of First Vice President, Second Vice President, and Assistant Marshall. He was also very active in attending the County and State Conventions most of those years. 

Mr. Dillard served on the committee that purchased our 1924 American LaFrance City Service ladder truck, which remains in our museum today. He was assigned as a Ladderman, according to a booklet the family shared with Historian Ausherman. Mr. Dillard served our department when we purchased our first motorized fire truck, transitioning from using hand-pulled hose carts, which are still on display in our museum today.

On March 4, 2023, Historian Ausherman invited the family to tour The Historical Museum of the Westminster Fire Department. The family was very grateful for all our work and the great information they could obtain about their family member. Too much enjoyment for the family; they were able to see the equipment their grandfather was involved in purchasing and operated when he was a member. President Daniel Plunkert, Assistant Historian Jeffrey Alexander, and Member Bryan VanFossen assisted with the tour.

The family was kind enough to donate a few items to The Historical Museum of the Westminster Fire Department, pictured below. We are fortunate to receive such fine items for our museum. We humbly thank the Blizzard, Houseman, and Ratte families for their visit and thoughtful donation. After the visit, we presented the families with our new 200th Anniversary Challenge coins.