Tragic Accident in the First Due Claims the Life of a Friend

The Westminster Fire Co extends its sympathy to the family of Jeannie Vogel of JeannieBird Baking Co who died in today’s traffic accident.

Friday evening, February 19, 2016

By the men and woman of the Westminster Volunteer Fire Department

The Westminster Fire Engine and Hose Company No.1 extends its sympathy to the family and loved ones of Jeannie Vogel of the JeannieBird Baking Co., our neighbor on Main St in Westminster, who died in today’s traffic accident.

Ms. Vogel was a lovely person who steadfastly supported the Westminster community and the Westminster Fire Department. We lift Jeannie and her family, co-workers, and friends into our hearts and pray for comfort and healing at this terrible time. She will be greatly missed.

We also say a prayer for the firefighters, EMS personnel, state highway workers, and police officers who left their homes in the middle of night to respond to this terrible accident. They fought the fire, freezing temperatures, ice, and multiple dangers of the accident this morning at Rt. 27 and Kate Wagner Road.

God of earth and air, water and fire, height and depth, we pray for those who work in danger, Who rush in to bring hope and help and comfort when others flee to safety, Whose mission is to seek and save, serve and protect, and whose presence embodies the protection of the Good Shepherd.

Give them caution and concern for one another, so that in safety they may do what must be done, under your watchful eye. Support them in their courage and dedication that they may continue to save lives, ease pain, and mend the torn fabric of lives and social order. Amen.

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Fully Involved Dwelling 6-16 Box

Company 6 was dispatched for an investigation of fire in the woods in the area of Leppo Road and Old Hanover Road. Shortly after responding, Carroll upgraded the call to now a reported house fire. Units arrived to find a 2 story dwelling fully involved. Engine 33 assisted in fire attack and water supply.

12631387_1119694068049065_8153707654481459155_nPhoto from Carroll Fire Wire

12572952_1119695904715548_443319666930766223_nPhoto from Carroll Fire Wire



Company Stays Busy With the Blizzard

Company 3 handled numerous calls throughout the blizzard. Crews were maintained from Friday morning until Monday morning making sure everything was staffed and able to respond to all calls for assistance.






Small Fire in Pleasant Valley

Box alarm 6-12 dispatched bringing Engine 33, Duty 3, Chief 3, and Tower 3 to Pleasant Valley for a possible house fire. The caller stated she was at an intersection in the neighborhood and could see the side of a house on fire. Duty 3 arrived to find a house with burnt siding and smoke showing from side D. Engine 33 arrived shortly after finding the fire was contained to the outside of the dwelling with no extension inside. Units were clear within the hour.

Some Stats for Company 3

Stats for the year 2015

7,660 total calls

Top ten responders responded on 3,350 of these calls

1,408.5 hours of training

10,332.17 hours of standby

3-22 Rescue

Engine 31 and Ambulance 38 were dispatched for a vehicle collision in a 3-22 box. As units were responding, dispatch advised they were upgrading it to a rescue assignmet with reported 1 trapped. Units from Westminster arrived to find a vehicle well off the road on an embankment with 1 trapped. Units from Westminster and Reese worked quickly to stabilize the vehicle with “Res Q Jacks” and the winch off of Rescue Squad 9. After making sure the vehicle was stabilized, units were able to complete the extrication.

Units on Scene: Engine 31, Medic 38, Medic 99 (Reese), Duty 3, Chief 3, Captain 3, Rescue Squad 9 (Reese)



Basement Fire


Company 3 units assisted Pleasant Valley Fire Department on a house fire. Units arrived finding smoke showing from the basement of the house. Crews made entry and knocked down the fire which was contained to two rooms.




Triple Flyout

Engine 33 and medic 37 were dispatched to the area of Route 140 and Cranberry Road for a vehicle collision involving a motorcycle. While Enroute, a second medic unit was added due to numerous calls advising 2 patients. Units arrived finding a motorcycle that had struck a pedestrian with all 3 patients suffering from serious injuries. Command requested a 3rd transport unit and Engine 92 (Reese) to set up a landing site. A total of 2 helicopters were requested to fly all 3 patients to Maryland Shock Trauma.

image image


Tower Assists on 8 House

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Vehicle into a House

Engine 31 and Medic 38 were dispatched for a vehicle collision involving a truck into a house on Main Street. Duty 3 was first arriving to find a pick up truck that had run into a house. Medic 38 transported one from the vehicle while Medic 99 transported a second patient that was in the house during the initial collision.


12346444_939836442718997_6228839131279725933_npictures from Carroll Fire Wire