Ropes Training

On meeting night, members gathered before the meeting for a drill with the Hasty Rescue strap. Participants practiced applying the straps and the proper way to utilize the strap to rescue a fellow firefighter.

March 2024 Life Membership Awarded

During the March 2024 department business meeting, another member achieved 25 years of service and was awarded life membership. Chris Cull has served on committees, as an equipment driver and as President of the department in his first 25 years.

In Memory of Past-President Joseph Ebaugh

On March 8, 2024, members of the department gathered to pay final respects to our life member and Past-President Joseph “Joe” Ebaugh.

Prior to joining us, Joe first served in the US Army for 5 years, then going to the US Navy for 5 years. He spent the rest of his career with the Army National Guard.

Joe joined the department in April 1962. He held the office of Secretary, President, Assistant Historian, Treasurer, & Historian. Joe also served many years as a relief driver, on many committees and was also active in our Fire Police group. He had a passion for the history of our department, he spent many hours in the museum always looking to improve the display of our department’s history. He spent many hours transcribing old minutes starting in the 1800’s into digital format for permanent archiving.

For his many years of service Joe was awarded Life Membership in 1987, Fireman of the Year in 2007, and was inducted into the CCVESA Hall of Fame in 2020.

Md Blue Crab Seaglass


Ropes and Rigging Drill

On Tuesday evening, February 20, 2024, members of Westminster VFD and CC DFEMS St-3 B-Shift participated in a rope drill. Participants practiced knots and rigging for slope evacuations with Tower 3. Participants learned about mechanical advantage systems and how to use them in rescue scenarios. 

Training continues to make sure we are ready no matter what the emergency situation presents.

Junior Training for February 2024

Our uniors held their February 2024 monthly meeting and training. The Junior Program is open to ages 12 through 16 and meets on the 2nd Monday of every month from 7 to 9pm. There is a small business meeting from 7 to 730 and training from 730 to 9. There is a different training topic each month to include hands on activities in both fire and EMS. Several of our Junior members have chosen to further their training through the Emergency Services Training Program. This program is offered as a concurrent enrollment option during their Junior or Senior year to prepare them to volunteer with their local department or start a career in the fire service.

If you would like to join our program, please email or check out our website.

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Life Memberships Awarded

February 7, 2024 – Life membership is granted to a member after 25 years of service to our department. During the February department meeting, Life Membership status was awarded to Amy Garber where she was given her special permanent membership card. The Awards committee also presented a few permanent life membership cards to four other life members. The cards were just not available when they achieved the status. Members: Walter Davis, James Falise, Jr., John Knorr, Jr., and Brenda Roper all achieved their Life Membership status in the past several years.

Currently, there are 37 members sharing this Life Membership status with some well past 25 years with the longest member past 60 years of membership.

MCI/Triage Drill

From our Training Committee: On Tuesday, January 23rd, Westminster hosted an MCI/Triage drill. We had over 25 participants from Westminster, Reese, and CCDFEMS. We discussed issues facing Carroll County and how resources would be best used if we were to be faced with a large-scale incident. We also learned and practiced the START Triage method on mock patients.

On the morning of February 19th Westminster VFD and members of CC DEFEMS St. 3 A-Shift participated in an additional MCI/Triage drill held at the station.

2024 Big Money Raffle

Thank you to all our sponsors and guests for an outstanding and fun event.

Our 2024 Big Money Raffle tickets are now available. This year the event includes some changes to the drawing including moving to a Saturday night. We will have various other raffles and a DJ for music. Refreshments for ticket holders while they last.

This year the price is $20 per ticket and as always, only 3,000 chances available. You can purchase your chances from any member, stop into the station or buy online at our virtual store. You can also point your mobile camera to the below QR code for online purchase. Don’t wait as this was SOLD OUT in 2023

WFD Celebrates 200th Year

On Thursday, December 21, 2023, Westminster celebrated the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Articles of Incorporation with a luncheon for members. President Plunkert welcomed everyone and noted a few long-term life members that were able to come in for the visit. Mr. Bill Logue is our most senior life member having joined the department in 1951. Also in attendance were five past chiefs.

This culminates a yearlong group of events to honor the long presence of the department continuing to serve the community.

Some photos of the day are located here.